Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Real Life Examples: Part One

I was semi shocked when I saw the photo of the house online on some modernist website. It is very similar to the Brinca Dada Emerson house. The chair I had never seen before so I thought it was a strange design when it was included with the furniture line, until one day I found this green beauty online and now know the designers had a reason for it. The blue picture of stairs with Sarah Jessica Parker is from the movie, 'First Wives Club' and the stairs are strikingly similar so I thought it deserved an honroable mention in the post.


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  2. Hi Neathra! Thanks for the feedback. I try to post interesting and relevant things relating to the Emerson house. I have had much more success with my other blog 'barbie A frame house'. I seem to be kind of limited with this house, but still it was fun and different. I will look into the RSS and see what I can do. I thought it was up and functioning, I am such a novice at the techie side to blogging, I really just enjoy posting new articles. Thanks again for reading. =-)