Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bloggers Own Emerson House...

You can see my stacked stone wallpapered wall through the house. 

The accent wall on the stair landing is a nice compliment to the house. 

Up on a pedestal.

My factory layout. 

I will be adding custom upgrades when time permits. 

I bought a partial furniture set on feebly that included a red chair and sofa so my house has two of each. I do use the green roof as a pied a terre. 
Here is the initial set up of my very own Brinca Dada mocern home. Undoubtedly when time permits I will be adding more stuff to it. Most noticable is that I left the factory green protective covering on some of the windows and doors. I think it adds a nice, retro dimension to it absent in other Emerson houses.

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